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About Course: A course designed to train you the intricacies of web development. After doing this course you will be able to develop a web app using industry recognized best practices as well as integrate scalability. In this course, you will also learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and the most fascinating AJAX.

Content Summary: Introduction to JAVA EE, Client Server Architecture, Database Programming through JAVA, Database Drivers, SQL package, Exploring JDBC to access database, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax and JQuery, Web Container and Web Application, Servlet, Deployment descriptor, Simple Web Application, Exploring servlet programming, Session, JSP basics, MVC architecture, JSP Tags, Tag Library, Beans, Expression Language, Custom Tags

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Startups Details FREE 00:30:00
Praesent sit amet lacus imperdiet, semper libero non, convallis lectus.
Introduction to entrepreneurial management Details 00:00:20
This unit starts on 29th February 8:00 p.m
Section 2: The Ecosystem
Different types of entrepreneurship Details 00:30:00
Suspendisse pellentesque cursus erat, nec molestie felis pretium eget.
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Legal Fundamentals Details 01:00:00
Donec viverra velit quis fringilla facilisis. Donec egestas ullamcorper metus, id facilisis nibh
Section 3: Marketing Startups
Value proposition Details 00:40:00
Suspendisse pellentesque cursus erat, nec molestie felis pretium eget.
Product development Details 00:25:00
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